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Krakow, 26th November 2013

DSC06969Krakow Christmas Fair 2013

Dear Tourists!

We welome you to come to the Krakow Christmas Fair 2013. The great Opening of the Fair will be on 30 November. As the years before, Krakow Christmas Fair will take place in one of the greatest markets in Europe – Krakow Main Market Square. Other edition of the Krakow Christmas Fair will take place in front of Krakow Gallery (near the Central Railway Station), where you can taste traditional Polish and cracovian food and buy gifts for your relatives and friends. We welcome you to come to our magic city Krakow filled with the Christmas atmosphere! Visiting Krakow connected with tasting our local dishes and loal vine brule or hot honey is a very good idea! You will be amazed and trilled – that we can promise you!

You are all welcome! Noble Krakow


Krakow, 22nd October 2013

37. International Jazz Contest “Jazz Juniors” 28th November – 4th December 2013

10 unique concerts, 4 premieres, mix of music, film and animation

this and even more awaits you during “Jazz Juniors” Contest in Krakow. For more information, go here:


Krakow, 10th June 2013

We invite you to patricipate in Krakow Night of Theatres 2013, 15-16 June 2013. 

During this special night – many attractions: Medevial Ballet in The Barbican, theatrical plays like “Hamlet” for free, modern theatre spactacles in open air all around in Krakow… and more:)


Krakow, 11th March 2013

New exhibition in the Eagle Pharmacy

We welcome you to see the new, interesting exhibition in the Eagle Pharmacy, which will be opened on 16 March 2013. The starting point, and the main motif of the exhibition as well, are the memories of Tadeusz Pankiewicz, the owner of the Eagle Pharmacy and the witness of the past, who published his memories for the first time in his book “The Cracow Ghetto Pharmacy”. The exhibition is not only the way of picturing the history, but also the mean to let the people feel the atmosphere of the Eagle Pharmacy as a meeting place and hideout for the inhabitants of ghetto.


Krakow, 22nd February 2013

Exhibition “Nowa Huta 1949+”

2013-02-27 – 2013-09-22

What was the reason of building Nowa Huta?

Is it right to call this part of Krakow “socialistic city”?

We welcome you to the new exhibition at the Historical Museum of Nowa Huta (address: Osiedle Słoneczne 16, Krakow-Nowa Huta), which tells the story about this unique district of Krakow, revealing its most hidden secrets…


Krakow, 26th November 2012

Krakow Christmas Fair 2012

We kindly invite you to participate in the Krakow Christmas Fair, which has been taking place in the Main Market Square in Krakow for years as a valuable part of Krakow’s Christmas tradition. This year’s Christmas Fair will last from 30 November to 26 December 2012. On the Fair, you can see and buy a large variety of products: baubles, candles, ornaments, wooden and wicker products… – all hand-made and hand-decorated. You will also have an opportunity to taste traditional local food and drinks as well as traditional hand-made sweets, ginger-bread and many other Christmas cakes.


Krakow, 9th November 2012

“Saved from the Holocaust: Jonasz Stern, Erna Rosenstein, Artur Nacht-Samborski” 8 November 2012 – 7 April 2013 Schindler’s Factory, 4 Lipowa St.

The exhibition in the Schindler’s Factory in Krakow recalls three outstanding Polish artists of Jewish origins who managed to survive the Nazi occupation thanks to altruistic help of many people. It is also their luck and determination to live that helped them survive. Their life stories are miraculous sequences of events with a very tragical context – all of them drew for death and lost their families forever.

The works are accompanied by readings of memoirs, letters and interviews with the survivors and the memoirs and interviews with the people who knew well the artists.


Krakow, 8th November 2012

Famous people from Krakow: Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein, whose name and accomplishments are legendary, was a beauty authority, industrial pioneer, a friend and patron of many artists and philanthropist. The international cosmetics empire she created earned her a reputation as one of the world’s most successful businesswomen. But… do we know her life story?

She was born in Jewish district Kazimierz in Krakow, Poland in 1870. Her real name was Chaja. She was the eldest of eight children of Gusta and Hercel Rubinstein. Being the eldest child, Chaja had to take care about her sisters and brother, and to help father at work. Hercel had a small shop of paraffin oil at 13 Jozefa street in the Jewish district Kazimierz of Krakow, where Chaja worked as an accountant. As Chaja reached the age of 17, she was driven out home because she was in love with a non-jewish man, a student of medicine, and denied to marry a rich Jew. She went to her aunt Rozalia Silberfeld-Beckmann and stayed there for a year. Then, she immigrated from Krakow to Melbourne, Australia. There at the customs station she named herself Helena for the first time. She began her cosmetics business with a simple face cream, the recipe of which she had from her mother. In a very short time she created a successful business enterprise, which expanded from Melbourne to London in 1902, to Paris in 1906, and to New York in 1912. Powder compacts, to her powders designed Salvador Dali. Her Empire consisted of beauty salons, SPA and massage.

At a time when career opportunities for women were virtually nonexistent, Helena decided to do more than just shape new trends in beauty and cosmetology. She used to say: “My fortune comes from women and should benefit them and their children, to better their quality of life.” Following her own words, she started the Foundation in 1953 which made scholarship grants to encourage young women to undertake higher education and to pursue nontraditional careers. Working till her last day, Helena Rubinstein died in 1965 in New York at the age of 95.


Krakow, 24th October 2012

Interkulturalia 2012. Let’s meet!

27 October 2012

The event is aiming to present the cultural diversity of Krakow. Foreigners who live and work in Krakow, would like to explain the impact of their presence and the influence of cultural exchange for the social, economic and cultural life. We will all have a chance to know each other better, reconsider our cultural stereotypes and above all enjoy a great intercultural event.

1. INTER…KULINARIA – cooking workshops including: “Culinary journey through Asia”, French cakes’ making workshop and so on…

2. Dance workshops: “Step n’shout” by Andy Ninvalle, “Latino Dance” by Ania Zelma: zumba, flamenco…

3. Language & Calligraphy workshops: „Survival Polish” and „Introduction to Polish culture” by Accent School of Polish, “Basics of Chinese and the Art of Chinese Calligraphy” by Konfucius Institute in Krakow…

4. AND IN THE EVENING…LET’S MEET! – a Multicultural Party from dusk till dawn 


Krakow, 17th October 2012

19 October 2012 – 27 January 2013 MOCAK – Museum Of Contemporary Art in Krakow 4 Lipowa street

Jiří Kolář - “Collage with an Ermine”

Jiří Kolář’s exhibition is the first such large monographic presentation in Poland of one of the most prominent Czech artists. Kolář created mostly surreal collages, often produced using innovative techniques. His visual art works reflect in their complexity the wide range of the artist’s interest. Apart from visual art, Kolář also produced literary works, both prose and poetry.


Krakow, 16th October 2012

Paradise Garden of Art : Opening – 19 October 2012 12 Rajska street Despite the discreet, unobtrusive architecture, it is called “Krakow’s Pompidou Center”.

This four-floor building contains inside a.o. a 4000 m²  entertainment hall usable for cinematic and theatrical purposes, conferences etc, and a modern library.

The opening ceremony on 19 October 2012 is based on the archive records of this place, which will be shown with the use of modern technology. Multimedia show “Identity of the place” will combine mapping 3D with laser show, animations, films and music. The concert of The Beethoven Academy Orchestra under the conduction of Krzysztof Penderecki.


Krakow, 12th October 2012

Prince of Monako will visit Krakow

On Thursday, 18 October, the Prince of Monako Albert II and the Princess Charlene will visit Cracow. Unfortunately, for security reasons, the program of the visit is top secret.


Krakow, 10th October 2012

IV International Royal Krakow Piano Festiwal: 17-21 October 2012

On the first day of this year’s Festival we will listen to a piano recital of Maria Masychewa from Russia, the winner of “Marguerite Long – Jacques Thibaud International Piano Competition” in Paris. There will also be two pianists from Italy: Maurizio Moretti and Marco Ciccone, but the most awaited participant of this Festival is amazing 13-year-old Daniel Wu, one of the most talented pianists in China.

All concerts are at 7:00 pm. Free admittance! To see the program, go to:


Krakow, 3rd October 2012

Exhibition: “Witold Chomicz. Recall.” 05.10.2012-31.12.2012

National Museum in Krakow presents new exhibition of works of Witold Chomicz – graphic, painter, educator. His workshop consists of artistic and application graphics, oil pictures, projects of stained glass-works – all about Krakow and Krakow’s traditions. The old photos which show Witold’s way and life complement the exhibition of this talented, but yet still unremembered artist…


Krakow, 27th September 2012

Japanese Day of Respect for the Elders in Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow

We encourage you to participate in “Keiro no hi” – Japanese Day of Respect for the Elders in Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow. On Saturday, 29 September at 11:00 am, a bit of Japanese culture, a taste of Japanese tea… And on Sunday, 30 September at 11:00 am, Japanese stories and fables not only for grandparents…

Welcome, the entrance is free.


Krakow,  17th September 2012

“Lady with an Ermine” – Painting’s True Story

“Lady with an ermine” was painted In years 1483-90 by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci In Milan. The portrait was made in oil, on arachnid tree board 54,7×40,3 cm., using egg tempera.

In 1800 the painting was bought by prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski as a gift for his mother Izabela Czartoryska. It has been shown in the Gothic House in Puławy. During the November Uprising it was taken to Paris. At the end of 19th Century, about 1880, was taken back to Cracow, to the newly created Czartoryski Museum. In 1939 it was stolen by the German occupants and placed as a decoration in the residence of Hans Frank, and then taken to Germany, from where it finally came to Krakow, Poland, in 1946.

The painting shows Cecilia Gallerani, the lover of prince Ludovic Sforza.

The animal held by the model, called the ermine, has a complicated emblematic meaning. Its Greek name galée refers to the model’s surname. The ermine is also a clear symbol of prince Ludovic Sforza, called by the people as “Ermellino” which means “Ermine”, in reference to prestige Medal of Ermine, and also an animal in his emblem.

During the making of the painting Cecilia was pregnant with prince Ludovic Sforza, but he was to marry Beatrice d’Este, so Leonardo da Vinci could not paint the picture of lovers in a passionate embrace. The ermine on the picture is the symbol of this situation. It is also an allegory of motherhood, because according to an ancient tradition, the ermine eases a childbirth. The artist placed the animal in such way that it covered the pregnancy of the model (she was expecting Ludovic’s son – Cesare), but at the same time it was symbolically telling the truth about Cecilia being blessed with a child.


Krakow, 1st September 2012

Night of Poetry 7th/8th September 2012

This year’s Krakow Night of Poetry is inspired by the richness and diversity of the cultures and their mutual diffusion in poetry and theatre. In programme: multimedial spectacle on the Main Matket Square –  ”Wedding of the Green Goose” – with such noble persons as: Zbigniew Zamachowski, Anna Dymna, Marek Kondrat, reading of the poems of Wislawa Szymborska, poetry of foreigners… The Night worth your participation! Free admission.


Krakow, 20 July 2012

12th Krakow Court Dance Festival – 2012

We would like to invite you to the 12th Court Dance Festival “Cracovia Danza”, which will be in Krakow from 29 July to 5 August 2012. The Festival will take place in the Villa Decius, Renaissance palace in Decius Park in Wola Justowska in Krakow. This year’s main theme of the Festival is Baroque dance, i.a. from England, France, Germany and Italia. There will also be a dance from the East – Mongol court Dance. Inauguration of the Festival – 29 July in Villa Decius at 7 PM. The Finale, meaning dance shows performed by Polish and foreign dancers – 4, 5 August – will not take place in Villa Decius, but in several other places in the centre of Cracow: on the external courtyard of the Royal Wawel Castle, on the streets of the Old Town of Krakow, in the Barbican…

We welcome you to the show!


We are pleased to inform you that our company Noble Krakow has been handling guests: members of the Italian Football Federation and journalists during EURO 2012 by organizing tours in Cracow and its surroundings. The guests have gone from Cracow very pleased. Thank you for the trust  :-)


Krakow, 25th May 2012

Synagogues’ Night 2/3 June 2012

For those who are eager to know better the Jewish culture, we recommend the Synagogues’ Night, which will take place in Krakow Jewish District Kazimierz, where seven synagogues will be opened to visit from 10.30 PM to 2:00 AM. The Night will be opened with hawdala – celebration of the end of Sabbath – on the roof of the Jewish Community Centre. There will be many concerts of Jewish music, multimedial journey through the world by the paths of Jewish architecture and many other attractions.


Krakow, 20th April 2012

“Lady with an Ermine” in Krakow!

The most famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci – “Lady with an Ermine” – will be soon shown in The Royal Castle Wawel in Krakow, in one of the chambers on the 2nd floor. The exposition will be opened at the beginning of May.


Krakow, 25 th March 2012

Krakow Easter Fair 2012

We kindly invite you to participate in the Krakow Easter Fair, which has been taking place in the Main Market Square for years as a valuable part of Krakow’s Easter tradition. This year’s Easter Fair will last from 30th March (Friday) to 9th April (monday) 2012. On the Fair, you can see and buy large variety of products: Easter postcards, candles, wicker baskets, doilies, traditional Polish Easter eggs… and jewellery – all hand-made and hand-decorated. You will also have an opportunity to taste traditional local Easter cakes from the ragion of Malopolska, as well as traditional hand-made sweets.